From Behind the Harp book cover

From Behind the Harp: Music in End of Life Care by Jane Franz, CM-Th and Sandy LaForge, CM-Th is a journey into the field of music-thanatology: what it is, and how it uses live harp and voice to bring beauty, peace and compassion to the dying and their loved ones. Find out how these musician/clinicians help patients find relief from pain, agitation, respiratory and spiritual distress, while families and caregivers are often lifted out of fear or emotional fatigue. Over 50 stories of music vigils offer insight into what it means to die and to be with the dying, and how this music can serve as a guide through the process for all involved. This book will inspire caregivers and those interested in the field of death and dying, as well as all those caring for loved ones nearing the end of life. :: $19.95 :: 

Cleansing Sighs CD cover

Journey with us into the Soul’s terrain. Using Celtic harp, voice, cello, guitar, and drum, Jeri, Claudia and their guest musicians follow the Soul’s desire to explore the many faces of the Divine through loss and grief, the healing medicine of love, light, sleep, beauty, nature, peace, and joy. :: $15.00 :: 

Luminous Grace cover art

Luminous Grace features exquisite Celtic and original melodies, sacred chant, and a duet of the Brahms lullaby beautifully offered by music-thanatologists Jeri Howe, Claudia Walker Roberta Rudy, and Silé Harriss. :: $15.00 :: 

SacredFlight heron pin

Show your support of SacredFlight and spread your wings with this lovely great blue heron lapel pin. The great blue heron is SacredFlight's logo. The heron's ancestor is the phoenix, symbol of rebirth/rising from the ashes. Birds are the messengers between heaven and earth. Wear your message that you support the peace and comfort SacredFlight brings to people who are terminally ill or dying. $50.00 tax-deductible donation (or more, be generous!) shipping included. :: $50.00 :: 

Love's Call CD art

Love's Call features the harps of music-thanatologists Jeri Howe, Claudia Walker, and Cyd Dudgeon with Sacred Harmonies at Providence Everett Medical Center. Their beautiful music is at once soothing and renewing. :: $15.00 :: 

Music for the end of life book cover

Music at the End of Life highlights the unique role music has come to play in hospice and palliative medicine. Jennifer Hollis interweaves narrative memoir, the personal experiences of fellow music-thanatologists and caregivers, and extensive research to demonstrate the transformative power of music when curing is no longer an option. :: buy book

Sacred Harmonies of Providence CD cover

Beauty Awaits features the harps of music-thanatologists Jeri Howe and Claudia Walker with Sacred Harmonies at Providence Everett Medical Center. Their beautiful music is at once soothing and renewing. :: $15.00 :: 

Harp note cards

These beautiful notecards feature the work of Portland artist Georgina Ottaviano and were commissioned by recent graduate and newest member of the SacredFlight team, Trish Weaver. (Eight notecards and envelopes to a pack, blank inside) :: $15.00 :: 

From the Deep Earth CD cover art

From the Deep Earth invites you to rest into the gentle sounds of the harp, where the mind and spirit find a refreshing spring, a source of tranquility. The music is designed to create an interior spaciousness that facilitates rest, meditation and peace. Just as we find stillness, beauty and healing in the natural world, this music allows us to enter an inner state of quiet contemplation, a portal of healing sound to calm and soothe the mind, body and spirit. :: $15.00 :: 

Loom of Love CD cover art

Loom of Love – a musical tapestry woven with harps and voices to refresh the spirit. The music-thanatologists who created “From the Deep Earth” and “Loom of Love” work with SacredFlight or other hospitals, hospices, and practices throughout the Pacific Northwest.  :: $15.00 ::